Cooksey Creek Ranch 
Lampasas, Texas
About Lampasas

The Lampasas River was given its name by early Spanish explorers who were in the region in the early 1700's. Some believe the name was derived from a mission named "Lampazos" in Mexico, while others suggest that it came from the Spanish name used for the "water lilies or cockleburs" found in the vicinity. When it was officially created in 1856, the county was named for the river flowing through it, and soon thereafter, the community originally called "Burleson," took the name Lampasas.

Lampasas today is a comfortable place to live, with good schools, attractive parks along the creeks, a variety of recreational opportunities, and a solid base of agricultural and commercial businesses. It has a modern hospital, excellent highway connections, railroad facilities, an airport capable of landing jets, and an up-to-date utility system with a good supply of water. Lampasas is an interesting place to visit and a fine place to live.



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